Appium is stuck while switching to webview context

I have this code:

But my code execution is alway stuck on context(..)
and never returns (no error either)

what can it be?

Android 6
Appium server 1.4.16

public void fillData(ImmutableMap<String, String> map) {
    //log: switching to webview
    Utils.log("switching to webview context");
    String value = map.get(Constants.NUMBER);

I got the “WEBVIEW_com.myapp” name from myAndroidDriver.getContextHandles()

This is happening to me as well. Same Android version and same appium version.

Sometimes it hangs on driver.context() and appium eventually hits the newCommandTimeout, or I’ve seen it hang on that line for about a minute and then actually continue and successfully complete the test. I’m hoping this issue can be fixed soon as this is a blocker for us.

Guys have you found any solution for this issue?

i also met this issue, is there any solution?