Appium issue not able to select date

I am trying to automate insurance related android app. where I need to select policy effective date. but I am not able to click on policy effective date I even tried all locators sucj as: id, name, classname, xpath.

The part below mentions all locators I used such as:


#by name
clickeffectivee1=Policy Effective Date

#class name


#xpath with text
clickeffectivee4=//android.widget.EditText[@text=“Policy Effective Date”]
clickeffectivee5=//android.widget.EditText[@name=‘Policy Effective Date’]

#xpath with contain


#xpath with contain and text

clickeffectivee7=//android.widget.EditText[contains(@resource-id,‘effective_date_layout’)and (@text=‘Policy Effective Date’)]
for this particular method as

public void  selectdate () throws InterruptedException, FileNotFoundException, IOException,
EncryptedDocumentException, InvalidFormatException {
WebElementcp(appium.findElement(By.xpath(Lib.getProperty(CONFIG_PATH, "clickeffectivee7"))));;

After running I am getting an error message I even tried so many times still I am getting the same below mentioned error message

PFA image issue image