Appium issue on Android Picker wheel

i’m using appium to automate android native app but while locating elements i’m unable to find elements on day/time picker wheel even on appium inspector.
Picker wheel popup is not recognized by appium inspector and screen behind the pop up is being fetched by the appium inspector. So how can i resolve this issue? so that i can further automate my app. let me know!

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I’m assuming you are using native components, I am having a similar issue with the inspector(1.17.0) not being able to ‘see’ the dropdown at all in the XML, even when I scrape the source out it’s not present. It seems like a focus issue maybe? but I’m not sure, I feel like it used to work fine, but I don’t remember. I’m asking around in a lot of these questions as well. Good to know I’m not the only one with this issue.

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Hi @SCoureFoure Yes, I’m using NATIVE_APP Unable to fix this problem from few weeks and neither did i found any solution regarding this online not even from appium support team. May i know if you were able to solve this problem or is there any workaround? i’m stuck here to progress in my scripts. Let me know if you found any solution.

If you search the scrollView. THe inspector does highlight the wheelpicker but its not displayed in dom