Appium java-client 8.0.0-beta has been released


we are happy to announce that recently the new beta of the next major Java client library version has been released. This version includes full support of Selenium 4, strictly supports W3C protocol and has a couple of other important changes that we have described in the Migration Guide document. Please read this document carefully to successfully migrate your existing codebase.

Many thanks to all people that made this release possible:

Please try the new release and share your feedback if you encounter any unexpected issues there.

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I am using Selenium 4.0 with Appium 8.0.0-beta. Getting error for type MobileElement. I have this code -
public AppiumDriver driver; What is the solution for this?

@Abhay_Bharti Not sure if this is late but with Appium 8.0.0 already released MobileElement as AndroidElement and iOSElement are removed. You should only use WebElement in Appium