Appium + jenkins + bitrise (I am freshman)

Hello guys, I need your help and advice.

We have an IOS native app version on the BITRISE and also APPIUM tests, locally(on my personal mac) wich is written on java. So, I need somehow to integrate this tests to the BITRISE and run it remotely every time when app version will be updated.

how should I do that ?
or if we cant do it with bitrise , what is the other solution that we can make for it
I would be very grateful if someone response.


you can download from bitrise your ipa using we do same when we run tests in jenkins. only difference we start tests manually and nightly.

aleksei first of all thanks for your response, just clarify, when app version will updated , I must get IPA and then where could I paste or set it ? to jenkins ? where we have our appium (maven) project?

can I run application remotely with IPA and execute appium tests?

  1. You can run tests on your mac or any mac which is agent of Jenkins. With Bitrise no idea.
  2. I gave you link with description how you can download ipa file from Bitrise programmatically to place where code executed.
  3. Jenkins or any CI can run tests. All you need is to configure any mac as jenkins(or other CI) as agent where tests will run. There are tons of way where jenkins(ci machine) could be. Amazon or your mac. And same with agents where code executed. All up to you.

PS start from download programmatically in code to some folder. later switch CI integration.

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