Appium & Jenkins Integration

Hi, Im trying to integrate Appium and Jenkins. The problem i’m facing right now is to start the Appium server programmatically in Jenkins.

I noticed that alot of the solutions are for java which starts the appium server in before suite. I’m currently using javascript language for testing. Is there a way to start the appium server in javascript like it being started in java?

Yes, you can use this lib shelljs

Hi, can you guide me through this? I’m quite new.

let shell = require('shelljs');
    shell.exec("The command to start appium like in Java here ")

Please install this the project npm install --save-dev shelljs

there are many ways to start appium in java. first depends how you installed appium. just look into search in this forum.

What command should i use?

If i use “appium”, it will start the server and just hangs there waiting…