Appium.js file throws Jscript compilation error when trying to connect client node for Selenium grid

Precondition: User should have config.json file to establish selenium grid connection in Appium

Start server: java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.43.0.jar -role hub

Start client using:
D:\Appium\node_modules\appium\bin> appium . --nodeconfig c:/softwares/jars/appiumnode1.json -p 4728 and observe


D:\Appium> node . --nodeconfig c:/softwares/jars/appiumnode1.json -p 4728 and observe

Hi Vinoth,

I’m also facing the same issue when trying to start Appium Server(Appium Desktop client installed), with nodeconfig file for selenium grid.

Were you able to resolve your issue?

My node.js command

–nodeconfig C:\Users\username\Documents\nodeConfig7.json
–port 4723
–bootstrapPort 4725