Appium launch behaviour

Android 12
I’m noticing that if our app crashes on first launch something looks like it tries multiple times to start it again when I look at a buggy-app version’s logs.
Is this a capability we can turn off? So that we can detect whenever the user might perhaps have the app always be crashing the first time buy work fine later on. Worried we might just be hiding initialization defects, is appium re-launching the app, or is the OS doing this? Note I’m giving appium the app ID but not the apk path in my startup of the connection.

According to what I can see in the code app startup is only retried if the activity name does not start with a dot. See and for more details

WOW, I’m not nearly brave enough to read through the source, that must have taken ages to find - also my java skills are terrible.
Don’t activity names normally start with a dot anyway, mine does. I had always assumed appium would retry on most errors, I hope I’m wrong. Seems like I need to do a load more investigating what happened in my case.