Appium mobile browser chrome 72 Issue

Is anyone able to launch chrome browser 72 or 71 on the android device.As I can see appium has released
chromedriver till version 69 only.
Is there any workaround to execute scripts on mobile chrome browser 72/71?

Appium 1.8.0,. Chrome Version: 72.03626.105 Chromedriver: 2.45, 2.46, 2.42

Appium is unable to perform any action and Selenium is throwing the error:

WebDriverException: Message: unknown error: Element … is not clickable at point (24, 44). Other element would receive the click:

(Session info: chrome=72.0.3626.105)
(Driver info: chromedriver=2.37.544315 (730aa6a5fdba159ac9f4c1e8cbc59bf1b5ce12b7),platform=Windows NT 6.1.7601 SP1 x86_64)

Please advise

Same here , from yesterday 2/22 when chrome moved to 72.x ,the available Chrome driver fails to recognize the object on mobile App

i looked in to Appium Server logs and it says Appium has not yet tested with version 72.x

Please throw some light as my entire execution is blocked

@jhaskumar …appium seems to have only chromedriver version till 69 on their official release website.
how did u manage to execute on chome 70/71/72 ?