Appium Not able to identify the Webview


We have an hybrid app developed in angular js, and code base is same for Browser app, .ipa and Android, the problem that we are facing is when appium installs the app in IOS it always shows up the [NATIVE_APP] as the context, but in reality there is a Webview available.

Because of this reason we are forced to use the xpath showed by the appium inspector Native element path, how can i change the view to Webview so that the normal XML/html Xpath works in appium and its able to identify the elements with Webview Xpath.

Please let us know if there is a solution for this.

May be this video helps you :


Thanks for the response, the problem that iam facing is not getting the X-path as our application opens in chromw and i can get the html xpath, but appium is not able to identify those elements and expects the Native elements like XCUIELEMENT kind of, but we need to use the html xpath as it has id, text,class properties.

Please help me with appium part, like how to make appium understand that html xpaths rather than native xpaths.