Appium not getting foreground screen elements only background screen elements

I am trying to automate ios app using iphone xr with ios 13, this ios has a functionality that sub screens appear on top on parent screen, (to say it in some way), what happens is that appium gets the xml of the screen underneath the screen with the current focus,

look at the attached screenshot, my app is similar, as you can see there is a screen below the current screen.

What can i do about it?

it is iOS which can see not only screen in background but also elements outside screen.

I did not understand sir, so what can we do about it?

Which appium version are you facing this issue ?

you should see all elements of background and foreground screens. what problem you have?

According to me that is the latest appium desktop version? isnt it? i know there is 1.17 but not for the appium desktop

i do not get the elements in foreground screen

try to check it logging “driver.getPageSource()”

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Give a try on 1.17.0 beta appium desktop version. You should be able to see all th elments.

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Hello, I am using Appium 1.18.0-2 as well as AppiumForMac1.10 on Mac and when I tried to attach a session to the inspector, all it showed was the desktop’s background, not the application that was launched as a result of create an appium webdriver connection(desired capabilities). Is there any good way that I can get the actual app shown within the inspector and get a solid xpath, className or ID? Thank You!

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There is a bug with 1.18.0-2. Had to go back to 1.18.0.-1 to get the foreground.

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