Appium not launching Emulator or Simulator if pre-launch is disabled

Hi All,

I am trying to execute my appium tests on local emulators and simulators. I have developed these tests for some mobile cloud devices and hence I handled the app install and app start from within my code to implement CI. I have app pre-launch disabled due to obvious reasons (app wont be present in device when Appium server is started).

When I try to mimic the same setup on my local devices, appium is not launching the emulator or simulator. I am using the GUI to start the server and I have unchecked the app prelaunch (since I want to install and start app from code). However I have checked the Launch AVD box and selected the Emulator there. Couldn’t find working solution even after Googling, appreciate if anyone can throw some light here.

If I get ur question correctly then

Don’t select anything from Appium GUI.
Pass everything you want for appium session using desired capabilities.
Using GUI options is required if we want to manually launch app and then inspect it using Appium Inspector.

Tried that already and the result was the same. I removed everything from Appium GUI, used it just for starting the server. Then I added a new capability called “avd” and passed the avd name that I wanted it to start. However the emulator is not started when I create the driver. Is there any additional steps I have to do other than setting the avd capability.

So I have the below command from my shell. It is starting the Appium server, however it doesn’t launch the Emulator. Am I doing something wrong here?

NOTE: I was inside the /bin which folder which contains node while running this.

./node /Applications/ --address --port 4723 --avd-args Nexus5Lollypop