Appium not working on Windows Server OS?


I’m using Appium with WinAppDriver to automate a workflow involving MS Teams and a custom app inside MS Teams. Problem is, while the scripts are working fine on Windows 10 Enterprise OS, they don’t work on Windows Server.
Is there something special about Windows Server? Why is it that a script which works like a charm on Windows 10 fails on Windows Server?
What I do is the following:

  1. I click on search in the taskbar
  2. I search for MS Teams
  3. Click on the search result
  4. Wait for teams to launch
  5. Add a tab to an MS Team
  6. Select an app and so on…

I can get up to step 4 on Windows Server but no further. Whereas everything works on Windows 10 Enterprise OS. Developer mode is enabled on both, I double-checked.
What’s going on? I need to make my scripts work on both Windows Server and Windows 10.
What can I do?

Thanks in advance.