Appium: Object list with shared resource-ids

I’ve a list of text on screen all with the exact same resource-id;
This this possible with Appium?

it is possible but it is not Appium problem. your application is made in such way. ask your developer if you need something other.

As I mentioned I’ve been having some issues trying to pull a List of elements which have all the same resource-id.
How would you do this then? - “if possible”.

I’m more so looking for the best approach as this would be a part of an automated UI framework.
Efficiency is key.


Since all the elements have same resource id you can that pull all list of element in List via class
like @AndroidFindBys(xpath="//class_name[@id=‘xyz’]")
than you can iterate this loop through using for loop or can use foreachloop
foreach(Moblieelement e:ele)

if you have same ids then you can use (xPath is always the slowest possible method):

// android
@AndroidFindBy(id = "your_id")
private List<AndroidElement> your_el_list;

@AndroidFindBy(uiAutomator = "new UiSelector().resourceIdMatches(\".*id/your_id\")")
private List<AndroidElement> your_el_list;

// iOS
@iOSXCUITFindBy(id = "your_id")
private List<IOSElement> your_el_list;

Ended up going with:

   List<AndroidElement> elementList = AndroidDevice.androidDriver.findElementsByAndroidUIAutomator("new UiSelector().resourceIdMatches(\".*id/advisorItemTextView\")");
    for(MobileElement e:elementList)

Thanks for the help!