Appium parallel execution in android devices

I have successfully installed Appium and running the scripts in android emulators and devices.Now i want to know about the parallel execution , i have the knowledge on selenium grid , testng parallel execution and below are the questions.Please clarify, May be few questions are rubbish but please

1.How to run 2 or more test parallel in one emulator (Ex:One appium server with pid 4424, emulator - 1-chrome , 1-native apps)

2.How to run 2 or more test parallel in different emulators (Ex: Emulator-1 - 1 test, Emulator-2 - 1 test)

Kindly just give me the hint so that i will start here.I want to know whether to implement we need a testng parallel execution or grid or inbuilt Appium thingsā€¦

Below are my software requirements:

Appium - Android device and emulators,

Lang - Java

Framework - tesTng

Build tool - Gradle



here is the link that explains about the grid configuration along with the screenshots of the grid setup


Thanks a lot , let me check this link and reply my findings.