Appium-Plugin - Parallel Execution made easy!

To all Appium folks out there, you all might know that with Appium 2.0 we can create plugins that can add some custom functionality to the appium server.

Parallel testing with Appium was always tricky as you need to maintain unique ports for different drivers and provide a free device.

This plugin takes care of device management and also has a detailed test log view with support of appium-dashboard plugin.

Plug new devices at test execution phase and the device pool gets updated.

Remote execution

Cloud distribution. Supports LambdaTest Saucelabs BrowserStack pCloudy

Check the GitHub repo for details:

If you like the idea star the repo and share it.

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Have you any samples how to manage port and run tests in parallel?

The plugin has all the information you need.

i cannot find any info about it in docs.