Appium resets Applications's Accessibility status to False

My Project involves Mobile App & Web Application. For each action in Web App it need Mobile involvement. I’m using Appium for Mobile Side automation & Selenium WebDriver for Web side.
I’m able to automate my project. But i have got an issue which is blocking me to continue further.

Whenever Appium creates new Session, it resets Mobile Application’s “Accessibility” status to False/Disable.

“deviceName”: “xyz”,
“platformName”: “Android”,
“version”: “8.1.0”,
“noReset”: true,
“fullReset”: false,
“appPackage”: “com.xxxxx.xxxxx”,
“appWaitActivity”: “com.yyyyy.yyyyy.yyyyy”,
“appActivity”: “com.zzzzz.zzzzz.zzzzz”,
“dontStopAppOnReset”: true

Please help me to resolve this issue
Appium Logs.txt (36.0 KB)