Appium Returns multiple elements of an instance. Same UIATableView is Shown twice and all its elements refer same element in the screen

I have an TableView with three tableCells, but appium detects Two table view.
In Case UIAStaticText it is four times repeated.

Pls refer these screenshots.

and this one.

Is this a bug in appium???

I am getting the same while executing via Java code fieldCell.findElements(By.className("UIATableCell")

The above code returns 6 UIATableCell.

@Hassan_Radi Could u check this??

It is not a bug structure of table is such that className return 6 elements because it returns 6 UIATableCell inside UIATableView[2], you can use xpath here

driver.findElements(By.xpath("//UITableView[2]/UIATableCell[10]/UIATableView[1]")) - 3 elements
driver.findElements(By.xpath("//UITableView[2]/UIATableCell[10]/UIATableView[2]")) - 3 elements


but actually there is only one tableview

driver.findElements(By.xpath("//UITableView[2]/UIATableCell[10]/UIATableView[1]")) - 3 elements

this should be the result. So it should return only 3 elements

There is no UIATableView[2] in the UIATableCell[10]. u got it??

Yes now got it. Can you check this with u r app development team once, may be they have wrongly added 2 tables . As I used appium inspector I didn’t find such issue in UICatalogApp. If dev team also says there is only 1 UIATableView class on this page then it’s appium bug you can post it here

thanks @amitjaincoer191

It seems to a bug in appium and reported here