Appium Ruby Bindings (appium_lib) v7.0.0 Released

appium_lib v7

The Appium Ruby bindings (appium_lib) v7.0.0 have been released to RubyGems. Appium server 1.4.0 (released today) or better is required. This is a major release that contains breaking changes.


Special thanks to @JaniJegoroff for updating the code to conform to Rubocop, adding the device_locked? method, and fixing an issue with the tests. Thanks to @mclark for set_location and logger setter.


call for maintainers

The appium Ruby bindings welcomes new maintainers. This will be my last release. I’ve moved away from uiautomator/instruments in favor of Espresso/KIF as outlined by Google. I think appium is the easiest framework to use and has the best philosophy. I’ve learned a lot and wish everyone the best. I’ll still be around to answer questions and help with some of the longer term efforts such as droiddriver and nativescript. Hopefully a few people are able to step up and take over maintence of the Ruby bindings so they remain in good condition (at the moment all tests are 100% passing on both iOS/Android).