Appium (Ruby) send_keys event is not tripping the jQuery change event

I am using Appium and Ruby to create automated test against a web application that uses jQuery and Knockout for field validation. I am running into an issue where using Appium’s send_keys method (or binding to the value attribute with JavaScript) does not fire the jQuery change event for the associated target field/textbox. As the change event is never fired, the values in the form field are never bound to the Knockout view model. Note, this only happens when Appium is used and is never reproducible manually and I am currently only using iOS devices.

I have also tried, clicking, clearing and tapping the fields before sending text with no success. I am able to get around this issue by calling the change event for each field using JavaScript, however it seems like the built-in send_keys method should trip the change event.

As as side note, automating against the same form fields using WebDriver do fire the jQuery change event.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or is there a step I am missing?