Appium running on Android Emulator, Web Element Locator Timing 200x Slower While Keyboard Is Displayed

While investigating an issue where our tests were running extremely slow, I discovered a prevalent issue where locator find methods by id, accessibility id, and xpath were slowed by ~200x the regular find times when the Android keyboard is on screen. Forcing the soft keyboard hidden via desired capabilities and/or hiding during the scenario did not improve times. I suspect this issue is the underlying issue for many other situations, e.g. keyboard typing slowness.

Timings Screenshots via:
Appium Inspector - App Version: 2021.9.2, Electron: 13.5.0, Node.js: 14.16.0
Appium Server GUI - App Version: 1.22.0, Electron: 7.3.3, Node.js: 12.8.1
Android Emulator - Pixel 3 Android 11 (also replicable on Android 9 & 10)