Appium SafariDriver throws ElementNotInteractable exception when trying to get the elements size or location. Other Drivers work fine, what am I doing wrong?

I’m using Appium 2, SafariDriver and c# to test a webpage on Mac. I need the size and location of an element. For IOSDriver, UIAutomator2 and my selenium tests for Chrome and Edge I can just use element.Size and element.Location and it works fine.
Only SafariDriver gets a ElementNotInteractable Exception when calling either element.Size or element.Location.
It looks like it gets transformed to getElementRect under the hood, but that is also the case with IOSDriver, where it works just fine.

Appium Log of the problem:

[HTTP] --> POST /session/37d89e7a-8e11-44d0-845b-3045c3fffe9a/element
[HTTP] {"using":"css selector","value":"[data-automation-id='sliderLeftHandle']"}
[debug] [SafariDriver@4a1e (37d89e7a)] Calling AppiumDriver.findElement() with args: ["css            selector","[data-automation-id='sliderLeftHandle']","37d89e7a-8e11-44d0-845b-3045c3fffe9a"]
[debug] [SafariDriver@4a1e (37d89e7a)] Valid locator strategies for this request: xpath, tag name, link text, partial link text, css selector, id, name
[debug] [SafariDriver@4a1e (37d89e7a)] Matched '/element' to command name 'findElement'
[debug] [SafariDriver@4a1e (37d89e7a)] Proxying [POST /element] to [POST] with body: {"using":"css selector","value":"[data-automation-id='sliderLeftHandle']"}
[debug] [SafariDriver@4a1e (37d89e7a)] Got response with status 200: {"value":{"element-6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf":"node-36A7D7AB-D073-43D4-8470-03D284BC69BB"}}
[debug] [SafariDriver@4a1e (37d89e7a)] Responding to client with driver.findElement() result: {"ELEMENT":"node-36A7D7AB-D073-43D4-8470-03D284BC69BB","element-6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf":"node-36A7D7AB-D073-43D4-8470-03D284BC69BB"}
[HTTP] <-- POST /session/37d89e7a-8e11-44d0-845b-3045c3fffe9a/element 200 7 ms - 147
[HTTP] --> GET /session/37d89e7a-8e11-44d0-845b-3045c3fffe9a/element/node-36A7D7AB-D073-43D4-8470-03D284BC69BB/rect
[HTTP] {}
[SafariDriver@4a1e (37d89e7a)] Driver proxy active, passing request on via HTTP proxy
[debug] [SafariDriver@4a1e (37d89e7a)] Matched '/session/37d89e7a-8e11-44d0-845b-3045c3fffe9a/element/node-36A7D7AB-D073-43D4-8470-03D284BC69BB/rect' to command name 'getElementRect'
[debug] [SafariDriver@4a1e (37d89e7a)] Proxying [GET /session/37d89e7a-8e11-44d0-845b-3045c3fffe9a/element/node-36A7D7AB-D073-43D4-8470-03D284BC69BB/rect] to [GET] with no body
[SafariDriver@4a1e (37d89e7a)] Got response with status 400: {"value":{"error":"element not interactable","message":"","stacktrace":""}}
[debug] [W3C] Matched W3C error code 'element not interactable' to ElementNotInteractableError
[HTTP] <-- GET /session/37d89e7a-8e11-44d0-845b-3045c3fffe9a/element/node-36A7D7AB-D073-43D4-8470-03D284BC69BB/rect 400 32 ms - 664

How do I get the size and location of an element in SafariDriver with c#?