Appium Script Recording(Android)

Hi All,
I have created an automation script for android device (Android Version 4.4).I want to record my whole script in a form of video.I surrfed on the net and found 2 toools (OpMirror Sender and Reciver), Second is (AZ Screen Recorder) …But problem is that the AZ Screen recorder works for android version 5 and higher. On the other hand i have read the reviews for the OpMirror , and i found that it is not relible …So Can anybody suggest me some tool for the same or provide me with a Url from where i can get it


maybe you can try it yourself. When your automation script starts send the adb command:

adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/screen.mp4

When script ends, pull the video:

adb pull /sdcard/screen.mp4

and delete the file from device

adb shell rm /sdcard/screen.mp4

I never tried this, and I think it has a limit of time :frowning: You can “play” around with bitrate (–bit-rate ) to see if you can raise the limit.

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So the video would be saved in ur Mobile or in ur PC.

i want the result should be saved in my PC .

During the automation in your mobile and in the end you would pull the recording to your pc (I had post the commands above). But this is just an idea, I never needed to record my tests

Hi Tanuj,
Androidscreencast software will best suit for you.
Refer this link

Hi @Tanuj

New appium desktop version got script recorder,

please check this out