Appium script to show touch areas in real android device

Hi Everyone,

Am currently using Appium to Automate test scripts in Android real device. Actually, our device screen can be viewed from the url when the appium test is running. so, I would like to see the area of touches in the real device, for ex, when appium script tap the button, i need to view the area of touches. so it would helpful for the person who is viewing to know which area of the application is interacted by appium

In developer options, show touches option is enabled. however, when appium script is interacting with mobile device, this touch area are not shown.


  1. I used java script executeScript method to click on specific co-ordinates - No touch areas is hihglighted

((JavascriptExecutor) driver).executeScript(“mobile: tap”,
new HashMap<String, Double>() {
put(“tapCount”, (double) 1);
put(“touchCount”, (double) 1);
put(“duration”, 0.5);
put(“y”, 45.77);

  1. Used Appium tap function " appiumDriver.tap(1, 34, 564, 1);"` but touch area is not highlighted.

Is there any way to achieve using appium/java?


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As per my understanding we cannot interact with android native elements styling,color,font etc due to UIAutomator framework limitation.

But in case of webview selenium javascript code can be used to highlight element.

But in android settings there is an option Show Pointer location it shows small pixel at touch location

Thank you for your response. AUT is flash application and we are using co-ordinates to perform tap actions. yes, I have enabled show pointer and show touch as well. But the touch area’s are not highlighted.
just would like to know whether this is feasible via Appium scripts.