Appium search for build-tools folder

Hi All,
I have installed everything needed to run Appium with C# - Selenium.
I’m keep getting a message says: ENONET no such file or folder C:\Android\Sdk\build-tools

My ANDROID_HOME environment set to C:\Android\sdk
my PATH set to both C:\Android\sdk\tools and C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools

I have no idea why and where build-tools came from.
the uiautomatorviewer works good, and Appium seems to work good,
what am I missing?

Hi Yaniv_Eliav,

Adding system32 location “%SystemRoot%\system32” as PATH variable under System variables will resolve this issue. You are getting this issue because basically appium might need something from system32 directory to interact with adb command during run time.

Hope this resolves your issue.


Hi Abdul_Sathar_Beigh
I already Got it

Seems like it was Using unnecessary references in C#.
once I deleted the unnecessary parts it runs well.
Thank you

Still i get same error
Can You pls explain how to solve