Appium :- Seldroid


While trying to launch appium server using appium, I am geting below error :

error: Could not pre-launch appium: Error: Required platform doesn’t exist (API level >= 17)

Android version of my device is 5.1 (API level = 22)
Please help me to resolve the same.

I would double check that you have the correct version of the Android SDK installed on your machine using the Android SDK Manager tool.

Hi Cauthon,

Thanks for reply.

Do I have to install Required android version?
I have attached screenshot of same. Please suggest.


It looks like you only have the SDK for Android 7.0 installed, you need the SDK for Android 5.1.1 (API 22) if your device is running that version of Android.

Hi Cauthon,

Even after installing Android 5.1, it is giving same error. Please check and suggest what is the issue now. :


You might also try installing the Google APIs for that version, otherwise I am not sure what is causing your error. It might be possible that something is slightly off with your appium capabilities. Are you able to run tests on an emulator or other device?

Best of luck.

Hi Cauthon,

I am able to run test using Automation Name as ‘Appium’.
Also, I have a query : When I enter android in command prompt, it gives an error ‘android not recognised as an internal or external command’, instead of opening Android SDK manager.

Can this be root cause of issue faced?
If yes, do I need to reinstall android, as all environment settings are proper.

Please suggest.

Hi CCMA, it sounds like your ANDROID_HOME and/or JAVA_HOME environmental variables might not be setup correctly.

Hi Cauthon,

Both parameters are set properly as I have found its settings in google. Please refer below screenshots and suggest, if something is incorrect.

You might also need to add them to your PATH variable.