Appium Server 1.21.0 and java-client 8.1.1 support

We are using Appium Server 1.21.0 and appium-java-client version 8.1.1. We wanted to use launchApp, resetApp , closeApp , runAppInBackground etc.
Earlier, for driver creation we were using like :
AppiumDriver driver = new IOSDriver(new URL(url), localCaps);

and for Android ::

AppiumDriver driver = new AndroidDriver(new URL(url), localCaps);

But with this driver initiation, we are not able to use methods like resetApp , closeApp , runAppInBackground due to removal MobileElement class and DefaultGenericMobileDriver.

Can you please suggest with the given version configuration (Appium Server 1.21.0 and java-client 8.1.1) how can we perform the driver initialization and use these methods : resetApp , closeApp , runAppInBackground , launchApp , activateApp etc.

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