Appium Server always return empty array on find_elements_by_x... xpath or id

I am running Appium Desktop Client/Proxy on Macbook with AppiumForMac server.
Regardless if i search by find_elements_by xpath or id, the value array came back as empty:

[2020-10-01 10:37:56][WD Proxy] Got response with status 200: {“status”:0,“sessionId”:“rO2OkrH4”,“value”:[]}

[2020-10-01 10:37:56][WD Proxy] Replacing sessionId rO2OkrH4 with 07136cf1-b50e-40b2-afa3-af7377e2e8f0

[2020-10-01 10:37:56][HTTP] <-- POST /wd/hub/session/07136cf1-b50e-40b2-afa3-af7377e2e8f0/elements 200

Noticed, the find element is plural, as was the code provided by Appium Inspector/Recorder.

I am using Appium 1.18.0-1 and AppiumForMac v1.1.0 (0.42), trying to automate for desktop apps on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7

i have met all requirements for appium-doctor with installation. Not sure if i need bootstrap and XCUIautomator, since I am not using any IOS device, but appium for MacBook application.

Please help