Appium Server v1.2.4 Released

This is a very minor bugfix release for those who are having trouble with instruments timeouts in v1.2.3:

This is released in parallel with 1.3.0-beta1 (but that does not yet have fixes in this release)



  • add objective-c examples


  • update appium-instruments with logging fixes
  • update appium-instruments with getDevices stalling fix


  • give better error for UiScrollable parse exception
  • fix UiSelector instance in finds
  • use last coordinates for touch release

Not related to v1.2.4 because I haven’t updated yet, but maybe here is a good place to ask this:
what could be reason for instruments running perfectly on one app but having lots of timeouts on a different app?
(just two different projects, but the same workspace)

@Neto18 no clue but sounds like a great opportunity to find some bugs in instruments ^.^