Appium server v1.3.0 published

Yay for iOS8!

Well it was a long time coming, there were alot of changes to how xcode and Instruments works under the hood, but shouldn’t make any difference for users. Thanks to @jlipps who slaved on this. And thanks to all the great people who tried out the pre-releases and found all sorts of juicy errors.

Changes in this version:


  • allow full-reset desired capability to work alongside language/locale desired capabilities


  • add iOS 8 support
  • add support for launching an app on the sim just by bundleId (iOS8 only)
  • ensure screenshot process uses dir specified in --tmp
  • add --isolate-sim-device which removes all other xcode 6 simulators
    before running test (might be necessary for some platforms)
  • update mobile safari temp app to include platformVersion so we don’t get
    strange version conflicts
  • reset push notification privacy settings in between sessions
  • fix the flakiness of getting a list of available devices
  • auto-refresh Safari if no webviews are found
  • rewrite cookie handling code to use code derived from jQuery instead of mozilla docCookie
  • force device string when device name starts with “=”
  • fix a security hole in pullFile() where users could download files on the machine hosting appium


  • fix Chromedriver to work with newer versions
  • Chromedriver will work if adb is not running on default port
  • speed up clearing text fields when there is hint text


  • fix sendKeys() in CHROMIUM context
  • fix getContexts()

Where can i find dmg

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dmg please… or a guide to use inspector tool via command line.

Great job appium team! Thanks for all of the help!!


I’ve been running the 1.3 (ios8 branch up to this point) of appium in concert with using the Appium client dmg app inspector of 1.2.

What I do

a) I use an appium.txt of my choosing.
b) I start up the appium server
c) In a separate terminal, I run appium ruby console (arc) from the same directory as appium.txt above. (assumes appium server installed)
d) I launch appium client (extracted dmg).
e) I Click the magnifying glass - and inspect away.

What I like about this method is that I never have to muck with my appium dmg client settings. Real good for the workflow.


When I select Check for Updates, my Appium 1.2.2 still says that it’s up to date. Can you look into this plz tks!

Hello Jonahss

Thanks for the posting. Currently i am on Windows. So do we have Appium.exe(V1.3.0) available ?

Thank you

What Appium calls and IOS8 and Xcode? There is no reference example!

When can we get .dmg for 1.3.0 ?

You can just use platformVersion: 8.0 in your desired capabilities to run an iOS8 test.

Hi jonahss,
do you know why the official installation dmg is not published? (will be nice if i can run our tests on iOS8 ).

Appium, Xcode, IOS8 test has no reference test data。


Why “8.0” in Platform Version on Appium GUI is not displayed. I have checked it on Appium v 1.3.1 but still its not displayed