Appium server(v1.7.2 is crashing if it is running continuously for more than 5 hours

Appium server is crashing when performance testing is performed more than 5 hours .

Sashi, do you have a stack trace / error in your appium log to go along with this?

Hi Bennid . i dont have stack trace but i have screen shot .pls check the screenshot .!
I got this issue while appium was running overnight (more than 5 hours )for performance testing .While it was running suddenly got crashed by showing one error message mentioned in the attached screen shot .

Has this happened more than once? Unfortunately the server log in back of the error doesn’t have any errors in it, so I don’t think it’s “Appium Server” but “Appium Desktop” that has crashed. You may want to research starting up the appium server by itself without the desktop running to see if that solved the problem.