Appium session getting closed automatically during execution


Recently we are facing an issue- whenever our regression execution is happening, the appium session connection is getting terminated. This is causing execution failure. Can you help us is resolving the same. I am attaching the log below. Some information has been masked to preserve project sensitive information.

[debug] [XCUITest] Executing command ‘getSession’

[XCUITest] Merging WDA caps over Appium caps for session detail response

[debug] [W3C (dfeb449e)] Responding to client with driver.getSession() result: {“udid”:“XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”,“platformName”:“ios”,“webkitDebugProxyPort”:27753,“autoAcceptAlerts”:true,“automationName”:“XCUITest”,“bundleId”:“”,“clearSystemFiles”:true,“deviceName”:“iPhone Xʀ”,“nativeWebTap”:true,“newCommandTimeout”:600,“platformVersion”:“13.0”,“usePrebuiltWDA”:true,“xcodeOrgId”:“XXXXXXXXXX”,“xcodeSigningId”:“iPhone Developer”,“device”:“iphone”,“browserName”:“XXXX XXXX QA1”,“sdkVersion”:“13.1.3”,“CFBundleIdentifier”:“”,“pixelRatio”:3,“statBarHeight”:44,“viewportRect”:{“left”:0,“top”:132,“width”:1125,“height”:2304}}

[HTTP] <-- GET /wd/hub/session/dfeb449e-081c-460f-989a-4fc612955e08 200 2 ms - 600


[iProxy@00008020:8100] The connection has been closed

yes I have same issue with Appium 1.21
iProxy@00008020:8100] The connection has been closed

Was there any update on this? I’m also facing the same issue.

I have latest appium vesrion 1.22.0