Appium Settings app is not running after 5000ms

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I use android tests in docker. Sometime i get error " Appium Settings app is not running after 5000ms". Can you help me to find a reason of this error? May be appium has a timeout for this action or i can install settings_app manual. I attach log file. If you need more info, i write it

Most often it looks like crash of settings app. To check you need look at logcat logs.

Appium hasn’t timeout on this action?

appium has command timeout after which it closes server. but this is not your case. your case is test running and suddenly stops due to this error. correct?

default command timeout for appium -> see newCommandTimeout

Yes, but appium wait to open this app add said, that 5000 ms is over, because of it i think, that this time i can set. But i am not sure of course

are you using same caps with EVERY test?

"appium:fullReset": true,
 "appium:noReset": false,


Yes, and my tests start in docker, emulator is empty. And appium always install settings app

Why it needed with every test? Better switch to strategy with install app only with first test and continue using it. It will also makes driver start faster.

BTW these fails happen on driver start or during test running?

In docker i resolve it by set skipDeviceInitialization capability and install app in sycle while, it’s work

Glad solution found and you wrote it!