Appium setup for iOS - prebuilt sample app issue ( need to be updated )

Hi All,

I tried setup for iOS as per instructions and downloaded “”

In Mac , I double clicked to unzip it to “”

but this doesn’t work at all.

I’m not sure which step am I doing it wrong here ? I could able to do setup for android with sample apk file though.

Thanks in advance.


If you got something like “”, then you are doing something wrong to unzip the application.
You are infact creating another archive around the already archived file. Just unzip it using any unzip tool and you should be able to get the “.app” file from it.

Hi Pratyush,

There is some problem with sample app mentioned in support article.

Ideally just double clicking on zip file should unzip it on Mac.

But only with this file it’s now working , I tried with another and it worked fine.

Someone needs to update file

Thanks anyway.


Is it? I never tried automating the sample app, so no idea. Anyway, glad to be of help. moved and was updated. It should work now.

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New build is not working as well.

I’ve downloaded ( from last post ) , double clicked it and got

can you please try again on your end as well ?


Just to conclude and update “workaround” for new comers like me

  1. clone appium github repo to your machine
  2. follow instructions as per “Compiling the iOS sample app”
  3. copy and use “”
  4. don’t forget to update local repo in case you’re compiling this app and compilation fails.

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According to this webpage, the cpgz problem is most likely a corrupt download. git clone is a good work around.

To update on this answer , the step does’t work anymore.

New steps as below

  1. download zip from
  2. Unzip and open project in Xcode
  3. build new file

“It’s probably not a signed copy for submission but it’s good enough to give to somebody else for testing.”

Hi Vikram,UIcatalog works finenow …thanks a lot!..Do you have the code in swift too?

Follow the steps in this video to build UICatalog app the right way using Xcode and to get location of the path

GitHub link for UICatalog app -