Appium Setup Issue On Mac

I am trying to setup the Appium on Mac machine. But I am encountering issue in installing Carthage.

Working on company provided Mac hence I don’t have HomeBrew (not allowed), No admin rights, No access to use/local/bin directory.

Have Node JS available on the machine and I can use npm commands.

Because of these restrictions I have to install the dependencies in different directory and update the environment variables accordingly.

Once I run the npm install Carthage command it downloads the files to “users/username/node_modules/Carthage”. Once this gets completed i am not able to see the Carthage version and it says command not found.

How can I resolve this issue? Also how can I link this location for web driver to pick Carthage from this location?

It would be really great if anyone can provide the Appium Setup step by step for the user who is connected behind proxy, don’t have admin rights, without HomeBrew and restriction on user local directories.