Appium Structure question


We have an iOS and Android Medical Journal app for serval customers. Customer branded builds are generated from a Core build. Our dev team was asking the following…

  1. Can one Appium project, let’s say Core 2.4.1’s, be run against Blood or JNS? There might be some very specific different behaviors per customer, but the main flows should be the same.

  2. If the answer for 1. is NO, should we have different projects for each customer? Could the code be shared somehow to avoid duplicity across Appium projects?

  3. If we need different projects for each customer, should we have one single repo, whose root is Core 2.4.1 and the second level the Customer, and the third one the App? I think this one would make sense, since we don’t need a whole set of new independent repos for any reason (we already have one unified one for Core 2.4.1), but the other questions remain open.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

I was going to type up a large post to share what I think about what I’ve gathered from your post, but I realized all my answers boil down to two questions to consider:

  1. How different are your apps from each other? If they’re really different, you probably want different projects. If they’re mostly the same with minor UI cosmetic changes, then you could probably benefit from a shared automation project structure.
  2. What does your team want to do?

These are all questions that you and your team are best able to answer.