Appium Studio, anyone tried?

Has anyone tried Appium studio. I’m currently not working with Appium and don’t have much bandwidth to try it my self. So looking for reviews, if anyone using it what’s your take on it?

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Yes, i have try it yesterday.It seems great tool. The best part is automation of android and ios can be done by just using window machine.(No longer depend on xcode and mac)


Yeah, I’ve just started playing with it and it seems pretty cool alright. Noticing a few small bugs here and there but I’d say it could be a powerful enough tool for developing teats.

I’ll update more as my exploration continues

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Pretty cool tool. I tried the community version and I was able to make test cases in no time.

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Appium Studio(AS) is pretty much good tool. They have the same method names as we use in Appium, but most of the functions work stable.

Common problems in Appium:
I see lot of changes in Appium which makes us un-trusty and lot of compatible issues, but i didnt see these problems in AS.
I am not sure why Appium discontinue to use some common useful functions like scroll etc…
People are creating their own driver and stuff etc… some features work in one driver may not in other driver. Appium guys have to stabilise these methods across different platforms and build that as core functionality.
Had a very bad experience working with iOS platform.

With AS, best of all is, we can use same Windows machine to test both Android and iOS application. I am not sure why Appium is missing this part.

The major drawback i saw in AS is that, most of the methods will work, but they are evolving and are trying to support all advanced interactions like TouchAction, WebView interaction etc… in their recent versions.


I have used Appium, Appium studio i want to give a try,
Can you please tell what are the prerequisites for testing an ios app using appium studio?


Its a pretty straight forward tool. To start with just connect your android device and start record and play. Java code will be generated for same as well. Once you finished run testing, reports will automatically populated to your default browser.


For folks who have used it for a few months now, how well does Android Studio scale as your test size increases? Is anyone using the experitest cloud as well? Is there an additional framework you use to run tests for CI purposes?

I have worked on AppiumStudio tool for a long time and knows total pros and cons of it.
The tool is really good but having so many cons in the community edition.
If you are plaaning for paid enterprise edition of the AppiumStudio then only use it, otherwise you will be in trouble. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the feedback! For the enterprise version, how do the tests get triggered? Does it get triggered automatically after a mobile build is complete in Jenkins or something similar?

It depends on us, if we want to execute test suites locally then we can, and if we want to execute from jenkins then first we have to setup jenkins and then by providing our project path, we can perform execution through jenkins also.

Hi Shubham, thanks for the info. Could you please provide me the list of pros and cons that you observed with Appium studio. I am new to it and would like to understand if it’s the right fit for me project.
Thank you.

I have done some exploration with Appium studio, and here is my feedback when compared with APPIUM Desktop

if you are looking for quick development , then you should go to Appium studio, but just remember few things

1. Appium studio is licensed:
Appium studio only allows 2 devices to be used , so anything beyond that, you need to purchase license
2. You still need Good Automation professionals in Appium studio to do the job
Recording and generating scripts could be a great help, but you still need professionals to do the job, as many times you will need some modifications in generated script.

In long run , it would be easier to maintain the test cases in Appium Studio as they provide support

For detailed and descriptive answer , your can refer below link

Appium Desktop vs Appium Studio

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I am using Appium studio and am doing quite well with it.
does any one tried run script that generated from Appium studio and ran in cloud or local Appium server ?

What all cons? I am planning to use it for one of the mobile app project, Can you please help with the details please?

Only 2 devices at a time? Real devices as well 2 only?
How is your experience with see Test cloud - 600 minutes of free testing?
I basically want to test mobile app on real devices as well as cloud if possible, but without paid version.

I just started using AS more as a mechanism for Screen Control (kinda like a VNC).

How does appium compare to it in that respect?

After capture & replay a test, you can’t edit the genareted Java code. This restricts you a lot. I think there is no way to edit the recorded test and this make appium studio useless for me.
For example, i had a case where the recorded xpath was wrong but I only had the option to recorded …