Appium support for automating settings on real IOS device

As a user I would like the ability to automate settings on a real IOS device so that I may programmatically set the phone up for various test scenarios.

not a problem :-0. just fire issue in Apple bug tracker.


Could you be more specific, I’m running into a similar requirement to automate settings in iOS devices

He’s saying that its not an Appium constraint. The issue is Apple. They currently do not allow the instrumentation to function in that way. And for Appium to support such a feature Apple would have to bake it in.

Now this feature request was only for real ios devices. In a simulated env you can open the settings.

Yeah exactly ! I agree that point and I know appium has no capability to do that.

In real device should figure out a wat to automate…

Running scripts in iOS simulator is effective and fast ???