Appium support for iOS 10

Hello Team,

I would like to Thank You for all the hard works you have been doing.

I have been going through your appium project roadmap and I was wondering is there happened to be any plan for Appium supporting for iOS 10 since Beta is already out there and customers want us to drive automation on to it. In case if you have any tentative date or road map please share with us so that we can cascade same to them.


Even I like to know the plan for Appium to support iOS10.

iOS 10 is out. and appium can’t connect to the device. What is the plan for when iOS 10 support will be available?

I wind up in install ipa file

is that IOS 10 supported for iOS?

I tried many ways/work around to run my tests with Appium 1.6Beta2, Xcode 8 and iOS 10 on real device but I couldn’t make it works. Could somebody confirm to me that Appium is supporting Xcode 8 and iOS 10? If not, do we have road map for it?

Thank you very much.

Any update regarding this Support for iOS 10

Any update on iOS 10?