Appium support Xcode 6+ and iOS 8?

What is the update about supporting xcode 6+ and iOS 8?

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It looks like #3517 in GitHub is the latest update. I’ll quote @jlipps below:

OK, got a lot of tests passing now. There are a lot that aren’t. One big class of tests that isn’t passing need to update files in the simulator. Unfortunately the organization of simulator files on disk has massively changed, so it will be a pretty big rearchitecture of settings.js to account for that. Will start in on that early next week.

In addition, it looks like MobileSafari will require a new way of being launched–the old method of moving it out of its old location and installing it like a normal app doesn’t work. Will investigate that soon too.

You can follow the old iOS 8 investigation thread in #2853.

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