Appium Terminal Not Displaying Log

Hi Guys,

Today I was working on the Appium new release and all of a sudden my appium console on the mac stopped showing logs. I think the problem is that i changes the Maximum Log length to 0 and that could be result its not displaying any things on the console.

I tried uninstalling it from Application folder and reinstalled it then too it retained the old value. Can some one please help how I can see the logs on the console.

Early help is much appreciated.

Hi prashbn,

May i know where have you set the maximum log length. In appium i didn’t find so

Hello Amarnath,

Under the general setting tab max log length. How can i make the logs to reappear on the screen.

I cannot find the maximum log length under logging section in general settings. It is listed in appium API but there is no command line flags for the same. Can you send me your screenshot

Hi Amarnath,
I am also facing the appium log issue. In screen shot Max Log length is 0 and I am not able to change it:

I have the same issue: Maximum Log Length is set to 0, can’t see logs in the client, and can’t change the value.
Uninstall/reinstall didn’t work. Server logs work fine in terminal.
Anybody found a fix for this?

Fixed this by clicking ‘Reset Preferences’ in the Appium menu bar.

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How do I get to the General Settings?

I’m attempting to get the console.logs in my appium plugin to show their arguments in terminal. If that’s the wrong direction, where could I see them for troubleshooting and development.

Seems it was an issue not using Appiums custom logger (ex: this.logger.debug(“my log”))