Appium test login blocked for 30 mins test case

Hi Community,

I’m trying to find solution if there is a way to automate this senario.

i.e 5 attempts to login with valid email & invalid password should block the login for 30 mins, in this case an alert is shown to the user saying login is blocked for 30mins.

Sure I can achieve this for the first time running the tests but when we are running test more often this would fail if the 30 min limit has not been finished. or this test case should be kept for manual level ?

Thanks for your suggestions

are you asking how to implement the test or how to avoid starting a new test before the 30 min(caused by the previous test) is done?
how do you run your tests?

  1. It is always good practice to automate repetitive test cases.
  2. Implement wait for more than 30 mins. In this case you can use fluent wait where execution will wait for a specific condition to meet on your application.
  3. Execution will perform invalid log in and wait till condition you mentioned in the wait will not meet.