Appium test not starting


I run my tests on selenium grid.
For some reason the test are not running anymore. The selenium grid hub is up, the node is connected, but when I press the run button in order to run the test, nothing happens. There is no logs on the node. It just standing with this message: Appium successfully registered with the grid on localhost:4444
which means that it is ready to run the test.

Any idea what is going on?


What about your test logs? What do they say? Do they provide any sort of stacktrace? What about your selenium hub? Does it print anything when you run the test? What if you visit the console page of your hub? Does it report everything as normal? Check if you can visit the console page from the machine that’s running the test. Make sure your firewall is configured properly. Etc. etc. etc. There’s a whole slew of tiny little things that can prevent automation from running successfully. You’re going to need to analyze at which point something breaks. The more information you can find for yourself and us, the more you can help yourself (and the more we can help you).

What about your test code? What does that look like? Are you opening an AppiumDriver session using the right URL?