Appium testing multi lingual applicaiton


Can any one please suggest the best practices and strategy in automating multi-lingual applications using Appium ?

@Aleksei @mohak.barokar @wreed @Gaurav @keshavjoshi49 … Please help.

Do localization tests on Simulators and make sure to get screenshots of everything to send to the translators.

Thanx @wreed That screenshot suggestions was really great.

How about testing on Real devices. Does it have any challenges?

@crujzo we do not make many language tests. all we do is:

  • to check all ways where we can switch language working by checking few element on some screens.
  • language change saved when we restart client
  • when language saved on server side also we check it also that we new login we see correct language

I don’t like to do localization tests on real devices because there is no programatical way (that I have found) to change the language. I rarely find myself having so many test devices that I can devote one or more to a particular localization. If you do then that is a very different story.