Appium testing with Content Management System **Need Suggestions**

Does anyone have experience with using automation for native app testing for a content management system that supports android and iOS devices?

Typically I have done automated testing with appium as the automation tool for native/hybrid/browser based apps that where complete apps installed on the device.

Currently Im working with a company that provides native apps (shells), but are managed, configured, and process with a content management portal.

This causes significant time delays for the native app to update with the changes, thus limiting automated testing. There are several configurations that the content portal can manage, and I would need to test this configurations on the native app.

I’m hoping some has experience similar and or some one might have some advice as to getting some forum of automation.

some examples are:
Dealing with push notifications, that are setup in the content portal (which can be setup for immediate deliver or set to appear at a certain timeframe on the device.

Dealing with changing out images, banners, text, and other modifications that are configured through the portal, then displayed on the native app.

The list can go on, but these are just a few. So anything on the app can be configured after the app is already installed on the phone.

What I was thinking of doing was have selenium/java based content portal scripts that would run the pre configuration, then appium/java scripts that would run on the mobile device.

Our product uses both the device as well as a web portal. Actions taken on the web can cause changes on the device, although not in precisely the same way you describe. I can describe our general solution in the hope that it helps you.

We have apis to interact with our server – it’s not using Selenium, but that could be set up – and when control returns to our appium process, we wait for the events to occur.

We found it more useful to have access to the server be done as part of the test. This avoids having to coordinate setup and testing in two different flows

Ah, great ideal. I have setup a meeting with our server side dev to discus this as an option. Thanks!