Appium tests breaking on Bitrise

I am trying to run a test that succeeds when I run it locally but fails when I try to run it on Bitrise. It’s failing on finding an element by ID. I tried adding an implicit wait of 60 seconds to the test to account for any slowdown that might occur from running on Bitrise, but still it fails to find the element.

I think part of the trouble here is that my app has to login before I can execute any of the other tests and then another page has to load.

Has anyone on here used Bitrise before? Is it normal for page loads to take a really long time with Appium on Bitrise?

I have not used Bitrise before, and my experience on this forum is that questions about specific device hosting services are a bit hit or miss. However, since Bitrise wants your money, they may have more incentive to get questions like this answered. Have you tried the Bitrise forum?

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I had not, thank you.