Appium tests on IOS suddenly broken after xCode component update

Appium code that has functioned correctly for months (buttons, text boxes, etc) are suddenly broken over the past two days. While the Appium code and the application code have not changed the tests themselves are failing against my iPad.

I have tested with Appium Inspector. Using the tap function in the Inspector works properly. But using the same search strategy in my code and calling. (button name).click() is clicking on another button on the app view. I have checked, the two buttons are not similar so Appium should not be able to ‘see’ the other button with the click() call.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior in IOS over the past few days and if so have you figured out how to fix it? My assumption is the small updates to xCode over the past 2 days are to blame but I can’t prove that without bumping the xCode version down.

Update: I found that reverting to Appium 1.22.1 from 1.22.2 seemed to get things running again.