Appium TouchAction with Node.js/JavaScript

Hi All,

I have an android application that I need to test.
I am using Appium Version: 1.3.1 (Server 1.7.2)
I am using Node.js along with JavaScript for tests
Can anyone provide me basic examples for TouchAction functions for tap, longPress,etc as we use them in Java.
I’m using wd.js package for the purpose.

if you want to check for all the actions follow

public static void Vertical_Scroll(double verticalPositionY,double verticalUptoScrollY ) throws Exception
Dimension dim=driver.manage().window().getSize();
int height =dim.getHeight();
int width= dim.getWidth();
int starty=(int) (height * verticalPositionY);
int x = (int) (width *.50);
int endy =(int) (height * verticalUptoScrollY);
TouchAction t=new TouchAction(funcation.driver);
t.longPress(x, starty).moveTo(x,endy).release().perform();