Appium update to V1.12.1: Error, Input buffer contains unsupported image format

I’ve upgraded Appium from V1.10.0 to V1.12.1 and I make use of WebdriverIO V4.14.4 which I haven’t upgraded. Taking screenshots when the secure flag is disabled, works as expected on Appium V1.12.1. But taking screenshots when the secure flag is enabled, it should throw an error due to the security restrictions but no error thrown with Appium V1.12.1, instead of Appium V1.10.0 which does throw an error as expected. The base64 encoded string value of the screenshot on Appium V1.12.1 has value: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA\n

Additional info:

  • Android native app
  • WebdriverIO V4.14.4
  • Mocha V5.0.4
  • Appium update from V1.10.0 to V1.12.1
  • Program language: Javascript