Appium version 1.4.8 released

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.4.8 (from 1.4.7)


  • fix for Windows users! Now the system architecture is properly detected, npm installs should work again

Chromedriver / Android hybrid

  • fix for an issue in responding to /status api endpoint, this is used heavily by Selenium grid

Relevant github issue tickets here:"Appium+1.4.8"


Does the below github url has the latest updated source code (xcode project) of appium inspector ? If not can you please guide me with the correct link.


Yes that should be what you’re looking for.

hi @jonahss,

That is great to know that new version is out for GA.

I do not find ‘.dmg’ at .

From where to download that ?

The appium server has been updated, and I alerted both projects for the Windows and Mac apps. Those will probably update in the next couple days or so.

Great ! Was waiting for this to be fixed as well.


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Hi, is this version for both windows and mac linux platforms. When is GA going to be released. Thanks.

Guys, Need a quick help, Even when I update my Appium to the newest version it keep track of the old setting, Can you tell me which file it is using to track the settings in the Os X. I screwed some setting and appium application console is not displaying any logs. An early help would be appreciated.

I went back to 1.4.0 after I updated to 1.4.8.
In 1.4.8, the button Launch wouldn’t work. I click on it and it says “Launching Appium with comment: ‘the command’” but the button Stop doesn’t appear. It just returns to the button Launch and doesn’t start an Appium server.
Is it because I’m missing some prerequisites? It doesn’t show me any bug.

You may need to install node.js to your system, That’s my best guess. A few months back compatibility with running without a global node.js install was broken.

Click “Download Now” on


I have one clarification on hybrid testing in android. Whether we can perform native to webview switch and vice versa operation without any issue or not. I’m going to propose this tool for my project before that I just need to confirm.

Is Mac OS X completely fine for Appium on iOS and Android testing?

Thanks in Advance,

Yes appium is very good tool for hybrid apps,webapps,native apps.

It will work with MAC OS/ Windows both

If u have only mac machine then you can automate both android and iOS app using single machine

for android app u can download android sdk bundle for mac machine and create avd and run u r scripts
for ios app also same android sdk bundle will work with simulator

If u have windows machine then u can only automate android app this is limitation of windows machine and not appium becoz we cannot run simulator on windows machine, but we can run emulator on mac machine…

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